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Skeleton Maintenance Facility

ChangeMan ZMF includes a skeleton maintenance facility that the global administrator can use to:

  • Customize skeletons

  • Check skeleton syntax

  • Create and maintain application-level variables called Release ID variables for use in file tailoring for batch job JCL.

Accessing Skeleton Maintenance

To display the Skeleton Maintenance Options menu, use one of these two methods.

  • Access the Skeleton Maintenance Options panel directly by typing =A.G.S and pressing Enter,


  • Follow these steps to access the Skeleton Maintenance panel using ChangeMan ZMF menus:

    1. On the Primary Option Menu, select option A Admin.

    2. On the Administration Options menu, select option G Global.

    3. On the Global Administration Options menu, select option S Skeleton. The Skeleton Maintenance Option menu (CMN3DSKL) is displayed.

CMN3DSKL        Skeleton Maintenance Options
Option ===>

M Maintain      Maintain skeleton release variables
A Assist        File tailoring assistance of skeleton procedures


Options on the Skeleton Maintenance Options menu include:


Never select A Assist on a production ChangeMan ZMF instance. When you select A Assist, ISPF skeleton libraries are immediately enqueued, and skeleton file tailoring cannot be executed.