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Checkout enables you to reintroduce components residing in baseline or promotion libraries to the change cycle. Generally, production level components are checked out for modification. However, you can check out any previous version of a baseline component.

Depending on how ChangeMan ZMF is configured, one can check out components:

  • To personal libraries

  • To staging libraries

  • Associated with a package using the copy forward feature

  • In batch

  • Online

  • Concurrently with other components

If your site has applications that require parallel development, you can configure ChangeMan ZMF to allow concurrent checkout of components. ChangeMan ZMF has an automated process for managing this concurrent development. As part of this process, ChangeMan ZMF ensures that each owner of a version is aware of the actions of the other owners.

After you check out components and make necessary modifications, ChangeMan ZMF records the components and the associated change package for further impact analysis. This ensures that your developers are always working with the proper version of a component.