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Batch Job Statement Information

ChangeMan ZMF panels that execute batch functions contain a section for Job Statement Information.

===> //            CLASS=?,                           <=== CHANGE ACCORDINGLY_____
===> //            NOTIFY=?,                          <=== CHANGE ACCORDINGLY_____
===> //            MSGCLASS=?                         <=== CHANGE ACCORDINGLY_____

The first time you use any panel in ChangeMan ZMF that requires this information, you must type JOB information that is appropriate for your environment.

The four lines of JOB statement information are ISPF panel fields, not JCL records. You change the information by over-typing or erasing it. You cannot insert, repeat, or delete lines, and you cannot insert characters without deleting characters first or erasing to end- of-line. If you do not use all four lines, make unused lines into JCL comments with //* in positions 1-3.

The information you type is stored in variables in your ISPF profile. It is used to initialize the next panel you display that shows a JOB Statement Information section. You can overtype this information to change it whenever you want.

This is an example of completed JOB Statement Information:

Job statement information:
//USER001 JOB (0000),'S6 V810',