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Custom V01-V10 Variables

Custom variables V01 through V10 were added to ChangeMan ZMF early in its development so you can pass information from ISPF panels to skeleton file tailoring when file tailoring is performed in an address space that is different from your ChangeMan ZMF session.

Originally all file tailoring could be performed in your own ISPF ChangeMan ZMF session address space, but you could choose to have file tailoring performed in a separate address space for some functions so that your terminal can be released for other work. This choice is displayed on ChangeMan ZMF ISPF panels as an option for Batch processing.

In ChangeMan ZMF version 5 and later, file tailoring for some functions, such as building install JCL, is always performed in a separate address space. However, you can still use the Batch option for freeze to pass custom V01-V10 variable information to the skeleton file tailoring that builds install JCL.

Data in custom V01-V10 variables is not stored on the package master or the component master. You customize ChangeMan ZMF ISPF panels to add new fields, you assign values to custom V01-V10 variables, and you customize ChangeMan ZMF skeletons to use the custom V01-V10 variables to meet your needs.

Custom V01-V10 Field Names

Custom V01-V10 Variables have the same name on ISPF panels and in skeleton file tailoring.

There are a total of ten Custom V01-V10 fields. They are either 8 or 72 characters long.

Field Length Count Field Names on ISPF Panels CMNEXITS Field Names (Package Master) File Tailoring Variable Names
8 5 V01, V02, V03, V04, V05 Not applicable Same as ISPF panels
72 5 V06, V07, V08, V09, V10 Not applicable Same as ISPF panels


Using Custom V01-V10 Variables

When you assign a value to a V01-V10 variable in the panel that initiates the following functions, you can use that V01-V10 variable in logic in the skeleton that is file tailored.

  • Batch checkout from baseline/promotion

  • Batch checkout from package component list (copied forward at create package)

  • Staging Versions panel imbedded in batch checkout

  • Batch stage from development

  • Batch mass stage

  • Batch selective mass stage

  • Batch recompile

  • Batch mass recompile

  • Batch selective mass recompile

  • Relink

  • Full and selective promote

  • Full and selective demote

The Save Previous Version panel (CMNCMP03) displayed in batch checkout is a special case. This panel is not always displayed for batch checkout, so if it is not displayed, V01- V10 retain the values assigned on the Checkout panel (CMNCKOT1). If the Save Previous Version panel (CMNCMP03) is displayed, values assigned to V01-V10 replace values set on the Checkout panel (CMNCKOT1).

If you attempt to use variable names V01-V10 to pass values from ChangeMan ZMF panels to file tailoring performed in your ChangeMan ZMF session address space, your variable values might not be available to file tailoring. ChangeMan ZMF programs that initiate batch file tailoring clear the value of V01-V10 in the ChangeMan ZMF ISPF session before processing any panel information.

You cannot use values assigned to custom variables V01-V10 in file tailoring for any of the following functions:

  • Freeze from Package List (F1 and F2 on CMNLIST3)

  • Freeze Package List Options (F1 and F2 on CMNLIST5)

  • Online freeze

  • Batch freeze