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Working With ChangeMan ZMF ISPF Panels

ChangeMan ZMF uses the ISPF Dialog Manager to simplify data entry, validate the data you enter, and provide information when an error occurs.

Data Entry Fields and Display-Only Fields

Data entry fields differ from display-only fields on ChangeMan ZMF panels as follows:

  • If you have a color monitor, data entry fields display in a different color than display- only fields.

  • If you have a monochrome screen, the intensity of data entry fields differs from display-only fields.

  • Data entry field labels are followed by ===> or a series of leader dots. Display-only field labels are followed by a series of leader dots.

  • If the field attributes for a panel change dynamically from data entry-enabled to display-only, the field colors change and BROWSE ONLY appears in the ISPF short message, at the upper right of the panel.

Panel Error Messages

If you enter invalid data in a field, or if you make an invalid request for a function, ChangeMan ZMF displays a short error message in the upper right corner of the panel. Press PF1 to display a long error message that provides details about the error condition.


The long message does not display automatically. You must request the long message by pressing PF1.

Press PF1 again to display online help for the panel where you made the error.

Finding Valid Values for Fields, Commands, and Line Commands

When you do not know what value to use in a field, command, or line command, use one of the following techniques.

Press PF1 for Online Help

Press PF1 to display an online help panel that explains the purpose of the panel you are using, describes panel fields, and lists valid values for commands, line commands, and panel fields.

Intentionally Trigger an Error Message

To get an error message that may tell you what values are valid for a field, command, or line command, follow these steps:

  1. Type ? (or any invalid value) in the field, command line, or line command and press Enter. A short ISPF message appears in the upper right corner of the screen, indicating that you have typed an invalid value.

  2. Press PF1 to see the long version of the error message. The long message will usually tell you what values are valid for a line command.

  3. Press Enter to clear the long message so you can type a valid value in the field.


If you attempt this technique on the Change Package List or the Stage: package Components panel, a panel is immediately displayed that lists all of the valid line commands with a short description of each.

Trigger a Selection List

If you do not know what value to use in a field, leave the field blank and ChangeMan ZMF may display a selection list of valid values.

Canceling Changes on a Panel

To cancel information on a panel without executing the panel, type Cancel at the Command or Option line and press Enter.

Typing End and pressing Enter, or pressing PF3, may either cancel the panel or cause the information on the panel to be processed.

Read the instructions on each panel to see which method to use.