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Defining Reason Codes

Use this option to enter all available reason codes and descriptions for unplanned permanent or temporary change packages. When creating this change package, the user must choose a code from the Reason Code List.

To define reason codes, take the following steps

  1. Select Option 5 on the Update Global Administration Options menu (CMNGAMN1). The Reason Code List panel (CMNRSNCD) is displayed.

    CMNRSNCD                  Reason Code List                 Row 1 to 5 of 5 
    Command ===> ____________________________________________ Scroll ===> CSR
        Code     Description                             Order
    ___    001     Reason code 001                         195 
    ___    010     Reason Code 010                         16384 
    ___    020     Reason Code 020                         16384 
    ___    030     Reason Code 030                         16384 
    ___    040     Reason Code 040                         16384
    **************************** Bottom of data *******************************
  2. Create or update the rows of the list, and type the End command to save your changes. The following tables describes the field on the Reason Code List panel.

    Column Description
    Code Type the reason code in alphanumeric format, for example, E01 or 01E.
    Reason description Type the reason description with a maximum of 44 alphanumeric characters.
    Order Enter a number to determine the order in which this list is displayed to users by default. Valid values are 0 to 65535. The display order option must be enabled in global parameters for the display order number to take effect.