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Step 2: Build JCL INCLUDEs for JOBLIBs and STEPLIBs

You may have a number of jobs already generated (for example, for frozen packages awaiting install) that need to run successfully once you have completed your conversion from version 7.1.x to version 8.3. If these jobs reference skeletons (such as CMN$$JBL) that have hard-coded JOBLIB/STEPLIB concatenations pointing back to version 7.1.x software, they will fail when they run against the upgraded version 8.3 instance.

One way to avoid this failure is to keep the same execution library names and replace the contents with the version 8.3 software.

However, it is safer (and recommended) to keep different versions of ZMF software in different named libraries.

This can also be implemented by the use of aliases for the datasets involved.

A method for addressing this situation by the use of INCLUDE JCL members follows:

  1. Ensure you have separate execution libraries for the two different releases of ZMF.

  2. Set up two JCL members to be INCLUDEd into CMN$$JBL for each ZMF instance: one for JOBLIB and one for STEPLIB. Prior to any conversion these members will contain version 7.1.x execution libraries.

  3. Modify skeleton CMN$$JBL to reference these INCLUDE members based on the subsystem ID of the ZMF for which the job is being generated.

  4. Make the modified CMN$$JBL skeleton live in your ZMF instance(s).


    You have to take these steps well in advance of any conversion so that all frozen package jobs will be using the modified CMN$$JBL at the time of the conversion to version 8.3.

  5. As part of the upgrade process for each ZMF instance, update the relevant INCLUDE member so that the JOBLIB and STEPLIBs point to version 8.3 execution libraries.