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The ChangeMan ZMF audit process enables you to ensure correct synchronization of components and procedures. Using data stored in the package master, component master, and impact analysis dataspace, ChangeMan ZMF maintains control of current and past modifications and component versions. Therefore, potential production problems can be identified before they impact production.

The audit function inspects the staging library contents of an evolving change package with respect to baseline library contents. The inspection looks for situations such as a package that shows no change from the baseline library, or a package that contains an LOD component that does not match its SRC component. Recognizing such out-of-sync situations helps you detect code that is inconsistent with your development procedure and other code problems. Examples of out-of-sync situations that the ChangeMan ZMF audit addresses include:

  • Copybooks that have been changed after a source program has been compiled.

  • Source programs that must be recompiled due to a copybook change.

  • Called subroutines that have been changed after a referencing source program has been compiled and linked.

  • With ChangeMan ZMF you can enforce by application whether you want an audit, and if so, whether you want to correct or leave potential uncovered problems.